What you will need to open a bank account

If you're looking to open a bank account, you can apply online, in branch or by phone. We offer bank accounts for all types of needs - from basic to packaged bank accounts. This guide provides you with details of the documents and information you may need to open a bank account.

Who this guide is for?

This guide will apply to new or existing customers who are opening a new current account.

Please note: This guide is not part of the application process. It is a checklist to help you prepare to open a bank account. While it contains the essential information and documents that all banks will most likely ask, we may ask for more information, either for regulatory purposes or if you need other products and services.

Why we need this information

  • To gather the right information so your account can be opened accurately
  • To correctly identify you and check your address so we can carry out credit and other checks
  • To make sure we meet tax and financial-crime regulations

Compare current accounts

  • We will need to carry out identification and verification checks on you, as well as anyone else who will be authorised to operate your account.

    In most cases you will only need to produce one of the following:

    • a current UK photo driving licence
    • passport from the United Kingdom

    If you are an existing customer, you can use your existing bank card with Chip & Pin to verify your identity.

    If you cannot provide one of the items above, you will need to bring two documents. You can find a full list of acceptable documents on our Proof of identity webpage.

    If you do not have any of the items listed here we may be able to accept other items. Just ask a member of our branch staff or call 0800 056 0056.

  • Preferred Title
    For example, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Mx

    As well as any previous names

    Date Of Birth


    Marital Status

    Including any dual nationalities and Immigration Status For NonUK Nationals

    Country of Birth

    Tax Residence
    Which countries you are a tax resident in, or have been in the last two years. A Tax Identification No (TIN) should be entered for each non UK tax residency

  • Current Home Address
    Details of full current address inc Postcode

    Where address is BFPO (British Forces Post Office)
    Service Number, Rank, Unit, Regiment, Operation Name (if applicable) and BFPO Number will be required

    When did you move to your current address
    If you have lived in your current address for less than 3 years, you will also be asked to provide details of any previous addresses you've held during this period

    Residential Status

  • Main phone number
    Including Other phone number

    Email address

    Marketing Preferences
    Marketing opt in to specify marketing preference via (Email / SMS / Post / Phone)

  • Your total monthly income (after tax)

    Will your monthly income be paid into this account?

    How will you fund the account?
    e.g. Bank Transfer, Electronic payments, Cash or Cheques

    How will you use the account?
    e.g. Bank Transfer, Electronic payments, Cash or Cheques

    Employment status
    If Employed (Occupation type, name of employer, start date). If self employed (Occupation type, company/ organisation name/ start date)

    Your total amount of savings

  • What Planned Overdraft limit would you like?

    How many people who live with you depend on you financially?

    Your monthly share of mortgage or rent payments

    What do you spend each month on childcare, maintenance and education?

    Are you aware of any upcoming changes in your circumstances?

  • Do you already have travel insurance or another packaged bank account?

    Do you need world wide travel insurance?

    Are all account holders and family members below 80 years old and are all children under 18 years of age?

    Do you need mobile phone insurance?

    Do you need AA breakdown cover?

  • Do you want to switch?

    Is this a sole account switch?

    Existing bank details
    inc Sort code, Account Number, Name of Account Holder, 16 digit debit card number and debit card expiry from old bank

    Do you have an overdraft at your old bank? - If yes then do you want to settle this?

    Do you want SMS updates on your switch?

    What is your switch date?