Protect your passwords

Fraudsters try to guess passwords to get into your online accounts.

Learn how to create strong passwords.


Use strong passwords

Have a different and strong password for every account and website you use. Start with your email and then create a different one for your bank, social media and any other accounts.

If a fraudster hacks into one of your accounts, they could use it to:

  • Access your other online accounts.
  • Find your personal and banking details.
  • Scam others by sending messages that pretend to be from you.
  • Reset your passwords to take control of your accounts.

How to create and remember strong passwords

How strong is your password?

Select three random words to create a strong password. Make it long. Add numbers, capital letters or special characters so it’s hard to guess.

Never use details, words or numbers that are personal to you.

How strong is your password? To find out, search online for a free password checker.

Remembering your passwords

You may need some help to remember all your passwords. The National Cyber Security Centre says you can write them down, but to keep them in a safe place, out of sight and away from your device or computer.

If you have to write them down, try not to write the whole password, just enough to remind you.

It’s safe to store your passwords in a web browser, as long as your device is secure. Web browsers may ask you if you want to save a password for a website you’re using, or you can do this in the browser’s settings.

Or you can use a password manager.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication helps us to make sure it’s really you using your online account. We send you a code by text or by automated call. So, please make sure we have your latest phone number.

Other online providers and apps also use this, so turn it on to keep yourself safe.

This type of extra security makes it hard for a fraudster to use your account, even if they guess your password.

Use a password manager

Phones, computers and other devices often have a password manager app to save your passwords. They can make it easier for you to log on to sites and other apps.

A password manager must be secure. Check the features before you decide to use one. Keep it up to date and create a very strong password to unlock it.

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Stay scam safe

Learn how to spot and avoid scams, and how to report fraud.

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