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Cheque Clearing Process

Cheque Imaging has been fully introduced for all banks in the UK, enabling quicker and more convenient ways of depositing cheques, such as via the Mobile Banking app. This is because instead of exchanging physical cheques, banks will exchange digital images of cheques.

A quicker clearing time also means that when you have written a cheque, money will leave your account sooner than it did under the old '2-4-6' clearing process. You should always ensure you have sufficient funds in your account prior to writing a cheque. 

Cheque Clearing

The table below explains what happens while the cheque is being ‘cleared’ (collected from the other bank).

How the Cheque Imaging process works

If you pay a cheque in pounds into your account on a Monday, you will see it in your account the same day. It counts towards any interest and you can use the money on Tuesday by 11:59pm at the latest.

Cheque Clearing Process

When will the payment affect any interest you get or daily arranged overdraft fee you pay?

When will the payment be available for you to use?

When can the cheque be returned unpaid?

Cheques paid in using the Cheque Imaging process

By 11.59pm on the working day after we receive the cheque.

From 11.59pm on the working day after we receive the cheque, at the latest.

Up to 11.59pm on the working day after we receive the cheque.