Contactless cards

A faster way to pay for everyday essentials

Paying with contactless

If your existing debit or credit card is contactless you can pay for goods up to £100 without needing to enter your PIN. Many shops, restaurants, and businesses have contactless reader devices which make transactions faster and smoother.

Please note: Not all Contactless Card transactions appear immediately on your Internet and Mobile Banking statements. If you can’t see a transaction please wait up to 4 days for it to be added to your statement, before you contact us.

  • Fast - It takes less than a second to pay using a contactless card. 
  • Safe - Our contactless cards have plenty of built-in security
  • Secure - Your contactless card and transaction is secure and is covered by the same anti-fraud protection as chip and PIN.

How to make a contactless payment

Oval with four curved lines pointing to the right


Make contactless payments wherever you see this symbol.

Contactless card being presented to card reader


Simply hold your card or device over the reader to pay.

Contactless card being moved away from card reader, which shows ‘APPROVED


You will hear a beep or see a green light to show your payment is approved.

Change your contactless limit

Change your contactless limit

If you use our Mobile Banking app, you can change your contactless payment limit to suit you. 

If you don't have the app you can change your limit by speaking to us in branch or over the phone.

Discover how to change your limit

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