How secure is our Mobile Banking app?

Our app is secure and convenient. We know this is important when you're managing your money on the move. So, here’s what we can do together to keep things safe and private.

How we protect you

We use some of the latest technologies to fight fraud. We continue to update this tech and add new systems to help keep you and your money safe.

  • Biometrics. We look at how you use your account online to help us spot things that aren’t normal. This helps us to tell if a fraudster is trying to use your account.
  • Built-in security. Our app uses software to keep the banking details on your device safe and private.
  • Safe start. The app checks your details, your device and its software before you log on.
  • Remote control. If your phone is lost or stolen, we can block it from being used to try to access your accounts.
  • Fraud guarantee. We’ll refund any money you lose if you do all you can to keep your details and devices safe. Make sure you read our full Fraud Guarantee

Help to protect yourself

As well as the protection we provide, there are also some simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe. 

Getting started in our app

Mobile Banking app

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  • Join our 7 million app users.
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More about our app

Mobile Banking app

  • Join our 7 million app users.
  • Simple and secure logon.
  • Stay up to date with notifications.
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