Ways to keep your arranged overdraft interest as low as possible.

  • If you go into your arranged overdraft throughout the day, make sure you repay your arranged overdraft by the end of the day to avoid paying the daily arranged overdraft interest for that day.

    • Register for Mobile Banking to manage your account on the move, learn how to register
    • Update your mobile number to receive alerts when you are being charged daily arranged overdraft interest. Find out how to register for our text alerts or push notifications.
    • Check your balance after pending to make sure you've enough money in your account to pay for everything due. The money in your account has to be available to withdraw - for example, you must wait for any cheques you have paid into your account to be available
    • If a Direct Debit payment is due at a difficult time in the month for you - for example, just before you get paid - contact the company and ask them if they'll collect it at a more convenient time.
    • Check your statements and make a list of the dates of your Direct Debits, standing orders and other regular payments - for example, mortgage, loan or rent.
    • Keep a record of any cheques you write and when they have been paid, so that you know how much money is left in your account. Someone can pay a cheque into their account up to six months after you've written it.

Hints and tips

Keep an eye on your balance and keep your arranged overdraft interest as low as possible.

Direct Debits, standing orders, cheques and debit cards all make life easier. Making sure you have enough money in your account to cover these payments will help you to keep any arranged overdraft interest as low as possible.

If you bank online with us, you can transfer money from other accounts up to midnight to avoid daily arranged overdraft interest for that day. For other amounts you pay into your account – for example, cheques or payments made at a cash machine – you’ll need to allow time for the money to reach your account. For cheques this can take several days.

It’s easy to check your account balance. You can do it 24 hours a day online, by phone or from a cash machine. Or call into one of our branches during normal working hours.

We're here if you need support

If you're ever finding it difficult to make payments, please let us know so we can help.

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Click the ‘Apply now’ button to sign into Internet Banking, then select ‘Overdrafts’ from the left hand ‘Our products and services’ panel, or from your bank account, select ‘More actions’ and then ‘Overdraft’.

If you already have an arranged overdraft you can apply to increase, decrease or remove your arranged overdraft from your bank account.

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