Help with card payments that you have made

What to do if you’re worried about something bought with your credit card

On this page, you can raise a claim with us to try and get your money back, if you think a transaction on your card isn’t right. This form is for personal cards only. If you’re looking to make a claim on a business card, you will need to contact the number on the back of your card.

But there are other things you can do first that may be better or quicker.

Making a claim for a cancelled package holiday, flights or accommodation

If you’re struggling to get a refund from the travel provider, and you paid on a credit card we may be able to support you.

  • Visa disputes relating to travel can be raised once 30 days have passed from being advised that any travel services have been cancelled.
  • MasterCard disputes relating to travel can be raised as soon as the service date has passed or after a cancellation notice has been given.

Please use our handy travel disruption tool to see the options available to you. 

If you don’t recognise the transaction or merchant and think it might be fraud:

Go to our Fraud page instead and report suspected fraud.

If there is a problem with what you bought, or the amount you’ve paid:

Contact the merchant first. Don’t fill in this form until you have, as we will ask you to do this anyway. It may be quicker to get things sorted by going direct to the merchant.

What to do

We’re here to help if you’ve had a problem with a transaction on your card. Maybe there’s something wrong with what you’ve bought. Or perhaps you’re still being charged for a service you no longer use. Here you can make a claim with us, to try and get your money back.

Follow these steps to make a claim:

1. Check Timescales

If you have returned goods / cancelled services we can't help until 15 days (Visa & Mastercard) have passed from the date of returning or cancelling goods/services. This is to allow the retailer time to arrange a refund.

Or if you’ve been given no delivery date we can’t help until either 30 days (Mastercard) or 15 days (Visa) have passed since you ordered. This is to allow the retailer time to deliver your goods.

2. Contact the merchant

Try to speak to the company or organisation you made the payment to. You need to try this before making a claim with us. Keep a note of any contact you make, the attempts you made, and what happened. You’ll need to give us details to help your claim.

3. Check your accounts

You may already have a refund. Sellers and organisations sometimes do this automatically and may not tell you separately.

4. Check your right to cancel

You’ll usually find these in any written terms and conditions. There may be a short period when you can cancel and get a full refund. This often happens with things that happens in the future – such as a service, event, or delivery of goods.

5. Complete the form

After you’ve done steps 1-3, if you still want to make a claim, please select 'Raise a Credit Card Dispute' and complete the form.

Give us as much detail as you can. That can help us process your claim quicker.

For all travel related disputes please use our Travel Disruption Tool

Travel Disruption Tool

For all other disputes use our Credit Card Dispute form.