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Make a claim

Getting you back on track matters to us. From starting your claim to getting it settled, we've kept it simple and easy.

Before you start

There are a few things you'll need to do first:

Report theft, riot, malicious acts or vandalism to the Police on 101 or 18001 101 for text phone users. Make sure you get a crime reference number.

Stop further damage to your home where safe to do so. Arrange urgent repairs, repair locks that have been damaged or secure broken doors or windows, and if you have a leak, turn off water from the mains supply.

If you have Home Emergency Cover, you can call our Home Emergency Helpline 24 hours a day to help with this. You would need to pay for the repair and claim back afterwards, certain exclusions apply, please check your policy booklet for details.

Take some photos of what has been damaged. If you’re claiming for contents in your freezer, don’t forget to take a few photos before you throw them away. You’ll need these photos when you start your claim

Not sure whether to claim?

Have a look at your policy booklet and policy schedule to check your level of cover. Making a claim may impact your home insurance terms and conditions. This can affect how much you pay when you renew. If your policy changes, we'll write to you to explain. We'll do this at least 21 days before your renewal is due.

Before you decide to claim, check your cover and how much excess you might need to pay, before deciding your next step.

Find your policy booklet

Important Information

If your claim is for a Home Emergency, you need to contact the Home Emergency Helpline for your policy.

View our Home Emergency helpline numbers

How it works

First, tell us what happened

Give us as much information about the incident as you can, and we’ll check to see whether you’re covered. If you are, we’ll tell you what happens next. For example, we would explain what documents you’ll need to support your claim.

Next, we’ll review your claim

We'll assess your claim and may contact you for more information. We may send you a link to upload some supporting documents, depending on the type of claim. For example, we may ask for evidence of what has been damaged or proof of ownership.

Then, we’ll settle your claim

The time it takes to settle a claim differs from claim to claim. For any valid claim for loss or damage that is covered by your policy, we’ll work with our own suppliers to either repair or replace it. If we can’t, we’ll give you a cash payment or pay your supplier directly.  

Limits, terms and exclusions apply.

Let’s get started

What you will need

  1. Details of the claim such as what happened, where, when and a list of items that have been lost, stolen or damaged.
  2. Proof to support your claim such as receipts, photos, videos, etc. We’ll email you a link after you’ve submitted your claim to upload these.
  3. Your bank account details to pay your claim, if it’s successful.

Before you continue

If your policy starts with HAP and you’re registered for Online Banking, you can help us assess your claim more quickly if you sign in to Online Banking to make your claim.

It’s important you understand that making a claim may impact the terms and conditions and amount that you pay for your Home Insurance at your renewal. Any changes to your policy will be explained in writing at least 21 days before renewal is due.

Make sure you:

  • get a crime or lost property number from the police for theft, criminal damage or lost items.
  • try to stop any leaks. For example, turn off the water and arrange for a plumber. We don’t cover plumbing costs for repairing the leak itself, unless the pipe is frozen or the damage was accidental and you have Accidental Damage cover.
  • prevent further damage by making urgent repairs, if needed, like fixing a forced lock or broken window.
  • keep damaged goods safe and take photos of them-you’ll need them as proof of what has been damaged. You can get rid of frozen food but make a list of everything and take photos.

Making your claim online can take as little as 20 minutes.

Make your claim online

Important legal information

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