Moving cash into your Share Dealing ISA


If you’d like to transfer money from your Share Dealing Account into your Stocks and Shares ISA then you may be able to do this online.

We can only transfer money into an active ISA. Please note instructions received for ISA’s that are not active will not be completed.


To check if your ISA is active then visit the Valuation Page and check that the Account Status shows as 'Okay to Trade'.

If the status shows as 'Suspended' then this can be re-activated on the 'Fund and Withdraw' screen through Account Management while the ISA portfolio is selected.

If the status shows as 'Closed' or anything other than 'Okay to Trade' or “Suspended” you should contact us for further information.


Important details at a glance

  • Money which is settled (showing as ‘Available to withdraw’), should be transferred to your ISA within 1 working day.
  • Money which is unsettled (showing as just ‘Available to invest’) can only be transferred to your ISA once your trade has settled. If you submit this form, we will transfer the money on your trade’s settlement day and we will endeavour to make it available in your ISA within 1 working day.
  • If your available headroom is less than the amount you have asked to transfer, we will only transfer the maximum allowed.

Please complete all fields unless they are marked 'optional'.

Here are the ##?## fields that need completing before continuing:

If you do not have a Stocks and Shares ISA opened, you will need to open one from the ‘Open a new account’ tab on the right-hand side menu before completing this instruction. Please note that you can't add an ISA to a joint account
This should match your passport.
You can find this on your statement, or at the top of most of our Share Dealing online pages. It’s 9 characters long and starts with the letter L.
Money that is showing as available to invest will only be moved once 'settled' (available to withdraw).
Please enter your mobile phone number. If you don’t have a mobile then please use your landline number.


Please take the time to check the details you have entered, as we will be unable to complete instructions with missing or incorrect information.
Examples of common rejections include:

  • Not having an active ISA.
  • Mis-keying of 'Date of Birth'.
  • Not having funds within the Share Dealing Account.


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