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A Share Dealing ISA allows you to buy and sell a range of investments tax-efficiently. With an ISA you’ll pay no Income Tax on dividends or Capital Gains Tax on any potential profit.

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Take the sting out of buying funds

£1.50 dealing commission per trade to buy or sell funds online. All our funds have 0% initial charge (an ongoing charge is payable directly to the fund manager and is available on the fund’s KIID).

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Tax efficient investing

Any profit made is exempt from Capital Gains Tax and you won’t pay UK tax on any income from dividends.

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Easy to switch

Log on and complete the online transfer form. We will text you with any updates until your transfer is completed.

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What is a Share Dealing ISA?

Each tax year you are given an allowance (£20,000 this tax year) to save or invest in an ISA. If you invest your money then it will be completely free from UK tax including any profit you make. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change.

If you choose to invest some or all of your ISA allowance with Lloyds Bank we have a wide range of stocks and shares from both the UK (including AIM stocks) and on six international markets, you can also invest in funds, bonds, gilts and more.

What charges do I pay?

Our Share Dealing ISA administration charges are simple and competitive. Please make sure you read and understand the following charges before opening an account.

Account admin charge £20 per six months (covers your Share Dealing Account and ISA)
Real-time online trades £11 dealing commission per online trade
Frequent trader dealing commission £8 dealing commission when you trade 8 or more times per quarter
Buying or selling funds £1.50 dealing commission per online trade
Scheduled regular investments £1.50 dealing commission per online trade

The table above includes the dealing commission and account charges you’ll pay as standard. If you invest in a fund you will also pay an ongoing charge directly to the fund manager. You may also pay government taxes and levies depending on the investment you choose. For full details please read our Charges page.

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Apply for a Share Dealing ISA

You can open a Share Dealing ISA in less than 10 minutes. Before you start an application, make sure you’ve reviewed and understand the:

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