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Safe online banking

Your security is our top priority

Whether you’re taking advantage of Internet Banking or on the move with Mobile Banking, you can be sure we’re working hard to make your experience as safe as possible.

What we’re doing

At Lloyds Bank, we're committed to providing secure online banking for our customers. We use the latest online security technology to protect you, your money, personal information and your privacy.

  • We use fraud detection systems that highlight any unusual spending patterns on your account(s).
  • We ensure your log in Password and Memorable Information are more secure by requiring these to be of a certain length, and contain a mixture of characters and numbers. By requesting three random characters of your Memorable Information we prevent any malicious attempts to capture your full Memorable Information.
  • We automatically log you off if you don’t use Internet or Mobile Banking for a short time in case you forget to log off or you leave your device whilst logged on.
  • We will disable your account if there are a number of incorrect logon attempts in case fraudsters are trying to guess your details. Only after verifying certain details with you, will we enable your online access again.
  • We use an anti-fraud process called Enhanced Internet Authentication (EIA) to help keep you safer online. For example, when you set up a new recipient, standing order or credit card payment, we’ll give you a call to ensure that you’re the person giving us the instruction. 

Mobile Banking

Our Mobile Banking app is a convenient way to do your banking on the move. Always check that the applications you download come from reputable online sources:

  • You should only use applications written and published by Lloyds Bank or Lloyds Banking Group. The official Mobile Banking app is only available to download from the following app stores:
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • It’s important to keep an eye on the website name you have typed in to make sure you are not being diverted to another site.
  • If you do notice a suspect app, or have any questions about an app’s authenticity, please contact: