Pay a Contact

Send and receive money using just a mobile number

With Pay a Contact you can send money to friends and family quickly and securely using their UK mobile number – making it easy to split the cost of a taxi fare or to pay a friend back for dinner.

To receive payments you’ll need to register for Pay a Contact but you don’t need to register to send payments.

Why use Pay a Contact?

  • Send and receive money using just a mobile number
  • It's quick, simple and secure
  • No need to share your bank account details with others
  • How to register for a Pay a Contact

    If you want friends and family to be able to pay you using just your mobile number, you need to register first. All you have to do is log on using the Mobile Banking app and follow these steps:

    1. Go to Settings and Info in the More tab.
    2. Select Pay a Contact settings and then tap Register.
    3. Select the mobile number you want to use and tap Continue.
    4. Choose the account you want to link to, then read and accept the terms and conditions.

      Next we’ll need to validate your mobile number.

    5. Press Continue when you’re ready to proceed.
    6. We’ll give you a four digit code to enter when you receive our automated call.
    7. Follow the prompts to validate your phone number using the four digit code.
    8. That’s it. You’re now ready to receive money using just your mobile number.
  • Sending payments is easy, but you can only send money to someone who has already registered for the PayM service with their participating bank. If you’re sending money to a new contact, as an additional security check, we’ll ask you to enter your password.

    It’s easy to send money using the Mobile Banking app. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Log onto the app.
    2. Select your account, then tap ‘To’ to see your payee list.
    3. Either choose an existing payee or tap ‘Add payee’ and ‘UK mobile number’ to set up a new one.
    4. Choose the mobile number you want to pay from your list of contacts or enter a mobile number.
    5. Enter the amount you want to pay and a payment reference.
    6. Confirm the details by pressing the Confirm button.
    7. The money will be sent to your contact as soon as possible.
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      Frequently asked questions
      What is Pay a Contact?

      Pay a Contact lets you send payments to your friends and family from your personal Lloyds Bank Current Account using just your recipient’s mobile phone number (rather than their sort code and account number). It also lets you receive payments from your contacts into your account.

      Pay a contact is part of a wider service provided by participating banks and building societies which is being managed by the UK Payments Council. The industry service name is Paym

      What types of accounts are eligible to register for Pay a Contact?

      To benefit for Pay a Contact you need to have an eligible personal Current Account. You will be able to see your eligible accounts when you register for the service in the Mobile Banking app. Your eligible accounts will be shown on the setting page.

      When can I start using Pay a Contact?

      You can send payments using Pay a Contact from 29th April  2014. You won’t need to register to send a payment using a mobile phone number using Pay a Contact as long as the person you are paying has registered with their bank or building society.

      To receive payments you’ll need to register for the service. Registration is now available, it’s easy and takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is log on to the Mobile Banking app, select ‘Pay a Contact settings’ on the ‘Settings and Info’ page and complete the registration process.

      Are there any restrictions on what I can use Pay a Contact for?

      Yes. You cannot use Pay a Contact to make a single payment of less than £1.00 or above the daily limit of £300.00.

      What happens if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?

      Pay a Contact payments can only be sent using Mobile Banking. To access this, you need to log on using your user ID, password and memorable information.  No one will be able to access your account without this information.

      In the event of your mobile phone being lost or stolen, your contacts can still send you payments using Pay a Contact, as your mobile number is linked to your bank account’.

      If, as a result of your mobile being lost or stolen, you change your mobile number you should log on to Internet or Mobile Banking and remove your old mobile phone number from your personal details. This automatically de-registers the number from Pay a Contact. You should also remind your friends and family of your mobile number being changed.

      When you have a new mobile phone number, you can update your Internet Banking personal details and register the number for Pay a Contact.

      If you have reason to suspect your security credentials have been compromised, you should call us immediately on 0345 300 0116 (or +44 173 323 2030 from abroad).

      We would advise you not to store this information on your mobile or anywhere else.

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      Can I register a UK landline for Pay a Contact?

      No. The service is only available for UK mobile phone numbers.

      Can I register for Pay a Contact on my joint account?

      Yes. You can send payments from or receive payments into your joint account. You shouldn’t register a joint account without first agreeing this with the other account holders. Either, or both, joint account holders can register their mobile numbers to the same account to be able to receive payments via Pay a Contact’.

      I have registered my mobile phone number to receive payments with another bank and now I want to register for Lloyds Bank Pay a Contact. What do I need to do?

      First you will have to de-register your number with the other bank / building society following their de-registration instructions.

      When you’ve successfully de-registered from the other bank’s / building society’s service you can register with Lloyds Bank.

      Are my details shared with a 3rd party and are these held securely?

      The following will be recorded on the secure Paym central database:

      • Your mobile phone number
      • Name
      • Bank account details (which includes your sort code, account number and primary account number which is the 16 digit number across you card)

      This database links your mobile phone number with the current account you’ve registered for Pay a Contact and has the same level of security in place as you’d have with any of our other banking services.

      Only the information necessary to send and receive payments using just your mobile telephone number will be shared with participating Banks and Building Societies.

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      Sending payments
      Who can I send a payment to using Pay a Contact?

      Making a payment to a contact, friend or family member couldn’t be easier. Log into the mobile app and select ‘Add payee’ and then ‘UK mobile number’ when making a payment.

      You’ll be asked to enter your contact’s mobile phone number, the amount you’d like to pay them, a reference and a password.

      If you’ve paid this person before their mobile phone details will be shown in your payee list.

      How much can I send using Pay a Contact?

      You can make payments from £1.00 to £300.00 from each of your accounts (current and joint accounts) every day. You will not be able to increase your daily limit. Each participating bank will have their own limits.

      How do I know the money is being sent to the correct person?

      If you don’t recognise your contact from the details shown please check with them in the first instance to see if their details are correct.

      When you select or input your contact’s mobile phone number and the amount you want to pay, you’ll see a confirmation screen which shows the recipient name as registered to the mobile number on the central database. If this is the person you want to pay you’ll confirm the payment.

      If it isn’t the person you intended to pay or isn’t someone you recognise you should cancel the payment. Cancelling the payment will delete the existing beneficiary details and you will need to set up a new beneficiary.

      Can I send a Pay a Contact payment to someone who has an account with another bank or building society?

      Yes, as long as your contact is registered on the central Paym database via their bank or building society.

      Is there a charge for sending a payment using Pay a Contact?

      Payments made via Pay a Contact are made using existing payment processes (Faster Payment Service). We don’t charge you for making or receiving payments through Pay a Contact, but your mobile operator may charge for some services (such as accessing the Internet) so please check with them.

      How do I send money using Pay a Contact?

      Making a payment to a contact, friend or family member couldn’t be easier. Just log on to Mobile Banking and select the Pay and transfer tab. You will then be able to choose a recipient.

      If you haven’t paid this person before you’ll be asked to enter your contact’s mobile phone number, the amount you’d like to pay them, a reference and a password.

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      Receiving payments
      How do I receive a payment?

      Once you register your mobile phone number with an eligible account for Pay a Contact your friends and family can start sending you money straight away using just your mobile phone number.

      When a payment is received into your account using Pay a Contact you’ll receive a text message letting you know.

      This message will confirm the sender’s name, the amount being paid and the reference added by your contact.

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You can register for Pay a Contact via Mobile Banking.


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Pay a Contact is part of Paym, a wider service which allows payments to be sent or received from other banks and building societies.

Important legal information

Available to customers who are registered for Mobile Banking and have an eligible current account. Registration is required to receive payments. Mobile Banking services may be affected by phone signal and functionality. Terms and conditions apply.

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