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Save the Change®

Save the Change® makes saving so easy you’ll forget you’re doing it.

Register for Save the Change® and when you buy something with your Lloyds debit card, we’ll round up the amount you spend to the nearest pound and transfer the difference into your nominated Lloyds savings account.

For example, if your coffee costs £2.20, we’ll transfer 80p from your current account into your savings account.

It’s a clever feature that takes your leftover change and builds it into bigger savings.

Turn on Save the Change® >

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Lloyds – Save the Change® – Youtube Video
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1. Spend on your Lloyds debit card

Make sure Save the Change® is turned on. You can easily control this through Internet Banking

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2. We work out the change

When you're in credit, what you spend is rounded up to the nearest pound

Piggy bank

3. The change is transferred to your savings

We transfer the change to your Lloyds savings account the next working day

How to switch on Save the Change®

You can switch Save the Change® on and off or change your nominated savings account whenever you like online, by phone or by visiting us in branch. We only make Save the Change® transfers when your current account is in credit.

You need:


If you've registered for Internet Banking, you can turn Save the Change® on and off or change your nominated savings account whenever you like online.

  • If you’re using our mobile app, simply log on and select ‘Apply’ from the bottom of the screen. Next, select ‘Savings’ followed by ‘Save the Change ®’ and follow the guidance provided.
  • If you’re using a desktop, simply log on to Internet Banking using the link below and follow the guidance provided.

Turn on Save the Change®and register for Save the Change®

If you haven't already, you can register for Internet Banking.

Save the Change® conditions (PDF)

By phone

If you prefer to speak with someone, we're here to help. You can switch on Save the Change® by calling 0345 300 0000. Lines are open Monday – Sunday: 7am – 11pm. 

In branch

Our advisers in branch can provide face to face help and will talk you through the process. Find your nearest branch.

Find the right account

We have a wide range of savings accounts to help you reach your goals.

Compare savings account

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