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Who we are

Since its foundation on 3 June 1765, Lloyds Bank has been serving the households, businesses and communities of Britain. And, in 2015 we’re celebrating 250 years of helping the people of Britain with the things that matter most to them.

We offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services – including current accounts, savings, mortgages, loans and credit cards.

Our heritage

The origins of Lloyds Bank stretch back to 1765, when John Taylor and Sampson Lloyd set up a private banking business in Birmingham.

Our timeline of Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Banking Group


Further Information

For financial information on Lloyds Banking Group, please visit our Investor Relations pages.

For financial information on Lloyds Bank Plc please visit our financial performance pages.

To read our latest press releases or to make a press enquiry, visit our Media Centre.

YouTube channel

You can watch our TV ads or view a host of guidance and tutorial videos on YouTube.

Equality and diversity

See how we cater to the needs of customers and employees from diverse groups.