Make a change to your credit card FAQs

Find answers on how to update your contact details, manage your account and more.

Common credit card account changes

  • You can add up to 3 additional cardholders to your account, as long as they’re aged 18 or over. Adding an additional card holder could help you to keep track of joint spending in one place.

    Each cardholder will get their own card and PIN to use, giving them access to your credit limit.

    Just be aware that:

    • Requests are dependent on our security checks.
    • As the main cardholder, you’ll be responsible for all spending and repayments on the account.
    • If you remove a cardholder, you’re responsible for their credit card until it’s destroyed. If you can’t get the card back, please call us. It’s useful to know that you can freeze cards or certain transaction types using the Mobile Banking app, giving you control over how it’s used.
    • Additional cardholders won’t be able to access or manage your account, online or otherwise. If you need help with managing your account, our help pages are a good place to start. 

    You can’t remove a cardholder by using our app, however this can be done by logging on through our website.

    You can use the app for your everyday features such as viewing your recent transactions, making payments to your credit card and viewing your PIN when needs be.

    If you don’t bank online, you can call us.

  • You can increase your credit limit if you need more flexibility on your existing credit card. You can also decrease your credit limit to make your credit limit work for you.

    Before increasing your credit limit with Lloyds Bank, you’ll need to have at least six months of payment history on your account. When you send your request, we may complete a credit check to help us to make a further lending decision.

    Before you increase your credit limit, just ask yourself:

    • Does this offer suit my borrowing needs, or should I consider other options?
    • Will I be able to make repayments, even if my circumstances change?

    You can request to decrease your credit limit at any time, but it’s important to know that this could affect your credit score in the short term, because the ratio between utilised and available credit will increase. That contributes to the calculation of your overall score.

    Using Internet bankinglog on or register to get started. From your credit card account summary, select ‘More actions’, then ‘Manage credit limit’.

    Using the Mobile Banking app – you can request a credit limit increase only.

    If we offer you a credit limit increase
    From time to time we may write to you offering a credit limit increase, although you don’t have to take it if we do. You’ll have the option to accept or decline the offer, with at least 30 days’ notice.

    If you would rather not to be offered credit limit increases, you can change your preferences by calling us.

  • You can change your payment due date to better suit your needs, for example, if you usually receive your salary later than your due date falls.

    Log on to Internet Banking. From your credit card account summary, select ‘More actions’, then ‘Paying your credit card’.

    Our virtual assistant can also change your due date. Log on to our Mobile Banking app and select ‘Support’, then ‘Message us 24/7’ to get chatting. 

    If you don’t bank online, you can call us.

    Just be aware, your change may apply to a future payment, rather than the next one, depending when you make your request.

  • Change or unlock your PIN

    You can change or unlock your PIN at any UK Cashpoint displaying the LINK logo. Of course you’ll want to pick something that’s easy to remember, but make sure it’s not easy for someone else to guess.

    If you’ve locked your card by using the wrong PIN, you can also unlock it at a LINK Cashpoint, although you’ll need to know the right PIN to do this.

    Need a PIN reminder?

    If you use our Mobile Banking app, you can view your PIN securely online.

    How to view your PIN in the app

  • Credit card statements are issued by post, or online, depending on your preferences. If you need statements in another format, such as large print, Braille or audio CD, please call us.

    Find out more about paper-free statements

    Understanding your credit card statement

  • If you’d like to close your credit card account, you can do this in our app, by calling us or writing in.

    Once your credit card is closed, we can’t reopen your account, and you can no longer make transactions. Your agreement will continue with us until you’ve paid off everything you owe.

    Find out how to close your credit card account

    If you receive online statements for the account you intend to close, make sure you save or print copies beforehand. You won’t be able to access these once your account is closed.

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