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Free everyday banking with 24/7 access to manage your money on the go.

Free everyday banking

Just stay in credit (so your balance doesn't go below £0.00) and you won't be charged any fees. If you use your Visa debit card outside the UK, fees apply.

Also you don't need to pay a set amount of money in or have any Direct Debits coming out of this account each month.

Our highly-rated app

  • Bank on the go - pay bills, check your balance and see your latest spending
  • Secure money - we make sure your money is in safe hands with the very latest secure technology
  • Stress-free access - logging on is quick, secure and, if you have a compatible mobile iPhone or Android model, you can use Face ID.

We are proud to tell you that those who have used our Mobile Banking App have given it between four and five-star ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play. This was last checked in October 2018.

Everyday Offers

Earn up to 15% cashback

Get up to 15% cashback when using your Visa Debit Card at selected retailers.

Sign up to Everyday Offers and you can view and use offers through our Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App.

Here are some of the retailers you may get offers from:

Everyday Offers from Hilton, Just Eat, New Look, Morrisons, Superdrug and many more

And the account comes with all the usual features too

  • Contactless payments - pay, tap and go with a Visa Debit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can pay up to £30 using contactless.
  • Instant access to your money - 24/7 mobile, internet and telephone banking, or visit us in branch. You can also take out up to £500 a day from any cash machines in the UK.
  • Mobile Alerts - set-up alerts straight to your phone, so you can stay up-to-date on your finances.
  • Applying for an arranged overdraft – When you apply for this account, we may offer you an arranged overdraft at the end of the application, which you can add right away. You can also apply for one later.

Keep in mind

  • To apply for this account, you need to be:
    - aged 18 or older
    - someone who lives in the UK
    - an EU national or have the right to stay in the UK for at least 12 months.
  • Whether you can have an arranged overdraft or the amount you can borrow are subject to approval and are repayable in full on demand.
  • To qualify for Everyday Offers, you need to be signed up to Internet Banking. Merchant offers and cashback amounts vary. Terms and Conditions apply.

ClockApply online and we should be able to give you a decision within 10 minutes. Apply now

  • Add an arranged overdraft - At the end of the application we may offer you an arranged overdraft, which you can add right away.
  • Make it a joint account - Once you’ve opened the account online, you can add a second person by popping into your nearest branch.
  • Give us a call - You can apply for this account by calling us on 0800 015 4000 (Lines are open Monday - Friday 8am - 10pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am - 6pm).
  • Visit us in branch - You can apply for this account at your nearest branch. If you aren’t an existing Lloyds Bank current account holder, you’ll need to bring Proof of identity (such as a passport or driving licence) and Proof of address (such as a water, gas or electricity bill dated within the last 6 months).

About overdrafts

  • Setting up an arranged overdraft is free
  • You'll only pay a daily arranged overdraft fee if you use it
  • You have until midnight to bring your account back in to credit to avoid a daily arranged overdraft fee for that day
  • You can reduce, cancel or apply to increase your arranged overdraft using Internet or Mobile Banking, in branch or through Telephone Banking.

Representative example:
If you use an arranged overdraft of £1,200 on your Classic Account, then we’ll charge you a daily arranged overdraft fee of £2.

More about Personal Overdrafts

Three month fee-free arranged overdraft offer

If you are looking to switch to us we may be able to arrange a fee-free arranged overdraft for 3 months. Whether you can have an arranged overdraft and the arranged overdraft limit are subject to application and approval.

Are you eligible for the three month fee-free arranged overdraft offer?

To qualify for the fee-free offer you must :

  • Use the Current Account Switch Service. This service means your old account will be closed and all your payments transferred to your new Lloyds Bank account
  • Have not used the offer within the last 12 months
  • Have applied, and been approved for, an arranged overdraft on your new Lloyds Bank current account.

Applying for an arranged overdraft

  • You must be aged 18 or over to apply
  • All overdrafts are subject to our assessment of your circumstances, approval and are repayable in full on demand.

Would you like a current account with an arranged overdraft?
At the end of your current account application, we may offer you an arranged overdraft which you can add right away. You can also apply for one later.

Apply for a Classic Account

Do you already have a current account with us and need an arranged overdraft?
If you already have a current account with us, you can apply for an arranged overdraft through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. You can also apply to increase your existing arranged overdraft limit too.

Log on to apply for an arranged overdraft

  Save the Change®

Save the Change® can make saving easy. When you buy something with your Lloyds Bank Visa debit card (and your account is in credit), the amount can be rounded up to the nearest pound. The difference is transferred to an eligible Lloyds Bank savings account. 

Save the Change® is a registered trademark of Lloyds Bank plc.

More about Save the Change®

  Money Manager

Keep track of your spending and see at a glance where your money goes with our free Internet Banking service.

Money Manager is provided to help you manage your personal finances and is not intended to provide legal, tax or financial advice. Terms and conditions apply.

More about Money Manager

  Send money outside the UK

Use your current account to send money outside the UK or in a foreign currency.

More about sending money outside the UK

The Current Account Switch Service is free to use and makes switching from one bank or building society to another simple. Whether you’re a consumer, small charity or small business, switching can be stress-free. 

Switch on your terms

With the Current Account Switch Service you can:

  • switch your account in 7 working days, or
  • choose a switch date to us which suits you (just make sure you allow a minimum of 7 working days).

If you switched your account in 7 working days, this is how the process could work:

Day 1 Day 1-6 Day 7
You do Choose a current account and apply. After applying, complete our switch form. You can still use your old account and your new Lloyds account. Enjoy your Lloyds Bank account.
We do We'll start your switch. We will transfer payments from your old account to your new account. Switch complete. We move the funds in your old account to your new Lloyds Bank account and close your old account.

Simple and stress-free

The new account provider transfers any existing balance and all existing payment arrangements for you – including those going out (for example Direct Debits and standing orders), those coming in (for example, your salary) and payees you already have set up.

Wide ranging spread of UK banks and building societies are on board

This means over 99% of UK current accounts are covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

The switching process is the same everywhere

Every bank and building society offering the service follows exactly the same switch process.

Payments are automatically redirected

We will arrange for payments accidentally made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account. We will also contact the sender and give them your new account details.

Current Account Switch Guarantee

Backed by a Guarantee

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your switch, the new provider will refund any interest or charges incurred on your old or new account as a result.

Read about our account switching guide

If you have a Basic Account with us and would like to change it to a Classic Account. Or if you already have a Classic Account with us, you may be interested in upgrading to Club Lloyds or one of our Added Value Accounts. Log on to Internet Banking to see upgrade options available to you.

Log on to upgrade

With so much choice, take a look at our other current accounts to see which account suits you best.
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