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Classic Account Debit Card


Free everyday banking with 24/7 access to manage your money on the go.

Changes to this account due 6th April 2020

On the 6th April we will be making changes to our bank accounts. Changes include how we charge for arranged overdrafts and reducing fee free amounts on accounts that have them. For accounts that earn credit interest, we will change the way it is calculated. For a full explanation please read the guide to changes.

Everyday banking

Free everyday banking

Just stay in credit (so your balance doesn't go below £0.00) and you won't be charged any fees. If you use your Visa debit card outside the UK, fees apply.

Also you don't need to pay a set amount of money in or have any Direct Debits coming out of this account each month.

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Our highly-rated app

  • Bank on the go - pay bills, check your balance and see your latest spending
  • Secure money - we make sure your money is in safe hands with the very latest secure technology
  • Stress-free access - logging on is quick, secure and, if you have a compatible mobile iPhone or Android model, you can use Face ID.

We are proud to tell you that those who have used our Mobile Banking App have given it between four and five-star ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play. This was last checked in October 2018.

Everyday Offers

Earn up to 15% cashback

Get up to 15% cashback when using your Visa Debit Card at selected retailers. Merchant offers and cashback amounts vary. Terms and conditions apply.

Sign up to Everyday Offers and you can view and use offers through our Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App.

Here are some of the retailers you may get offers from:

Everyday Offers from Co-op, Costa, Hilton, Sky and more

And the account comes with all the usual features too

  • Contactless payments - pay, tap and go with a Visa Debit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. You can pay up to £30 using contactless.
  • Instant access to your money - 24/7 mobile, internet and telephone banking, or visit us in branch. You can also take out up to £500 a day from any cash machines in the UK.
  • Text message alerts - set-up alerts straight to your phone, so you can stay up-to-date on your finances.

Keep in mind

  • To apply for this account, you need to be:
    - aged 18 or older
    - someone who lives in the UK
    - an EU national or have the right to stay in the UK for at least 12 months
    - If you are not an existing Lloyds customer you will need to provide proof of identity.
  • Whether you can have an arranged overdraft or the amount you can borrow are subject to approval and are repayable in full on demand.
  • To qualify for Everyday Offers, you need to be signed up to Internet Banking. Merchant offers and cashback amounts vary. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Arranged overdraft - An arranged overdraft can act as a short term safety net. You can use it to borrow money up to an agreed limit through your bank account.
    • Setting up an arranged overdraft is free and you’ll only pay a daily arranged overdraft fee if you use it.
    • If you use your arranged overdraft but pay it back before midnight the same day, then you won’t pay an arranged overdraft fee for that day.
  • Applying for an arranged overdraft - When you have applied for this account, at the end of the application you can apply for an arranged overdraft which you can add right away. You can also apply for one later. All overdrafts are subject to application and repayable on demand. You must be 18 or over to apply.
  • Amending an arranged overdraft - You can reduce or remove your arranged overdraft at any time through Mobile Banking, Internet Banking or Telephone Banking or by visiting your branch. But you must repay anything you owe if you want to remove an overdraft or anything over the new reduced limit you want. You can also apply to increase it. This application won't affect your credit score.
  • Helpful tools - You can use our eligibility checker and cost calculator to check your eligibility and calculate the cost of an arranged overdraft.
  • Unarranged overdraft - If you don't have enough money in your account to make a payment, we may either let you borrow through an unarranged overdraft or refuse to make the payment. Missing payments and using an unarranged overdraft can damage your credit score, please get in touch with us as we may be able to help you.

ClockApply online and we should be able to give you a decision within 10 minutes. Apply now

  • Add an arranged overdraft - At the end of the application we may offer you an arranged overdraft, which you can add right away.
  • Make it a joint account - Once you’ve opened the account online, you can add a second person by booking an appointment at your nearest branch. You can book an appointment by calling us on 0345 300 0000 (+44 1733 347 007 from outside the UK). Lines are open 7am - 11pm, 7 days a week.
  • Give us a call - You can apply for this account by calling us on 0800 015 4000 (Lines are open Monday - Friday 8am - 10pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am - 6pm).
  • Visit us in branch - You can apply for this account by booking an appointment at your nearest branch. You can book an appointment by calling us on 0345 300 0000 (+44 1733 347 007 from outside the UK). Lines are open 7am - 11pm, 7 days a week. If you aren’t an existing Lloyds Bank current account holder, you’ll need to bring Proof of identity (such as a passport or driving licence) and Proof of address (such as a water, gas or electricity bill dated within the last 6 months). What to bring for identification.