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These pages will provide you with the information you need to make the most of your Home Solutions Insurance, all in one place. You’ll find information about what’s covered in your policy, additional cover and making claims, useful phone numbers and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • You can find your Home Solutions documents here. Double check that your policy number starts with HIA.

    Policy Booklets

    Here you’ll find all the information you need about what’s covered in your policy, additional cover, terms and conditions, making claims and useful information.

    Lloyds Bank Home Solutions Insurance Policy Booklet (PDF)Lloyds Bank Home Solutions policy document for policies with a start date of the 2nd November to the 22nd March 2015 onwards, opens in a new browser window and in PDF format. File is approximately 1.57mb in size.

  • Home Solutions Buildings Insurance covers you for the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home if it’s damaged by incidents such as flood, fire and storm. It also includes some accidental damage cover.

    The table below gives an overview of some of what’s covered. For full details, including what’s not covered, download a copy of your policy document and refer to your policy schedule

    Standard cover includes

    Standard cover includes



    Remove or rebuilding your home after loss or damage caused by:

    Fire or smoke
    Explosion, lightning or earthquake
    Riot, civil commotion, labour and political disturbances or strikes
    Escape of water/oil
    Malicious damage or vandalism
    Theft or attempted theft
    Subsidence heave or landslip


    Accidental breakage of:

    Fixed ceramic hobs
    Sanitary ware
    Fixed glass


    Accidental damage to services:

    Cables and underground pipes and drains (and their inspection covers) serving your home and for which you are legally responsible.



    Subsidence, heave or landslip

    Buildings sum insured and excess

    Buildings sum insured and excess



    Sum insured for the cost of rebuilding your property

    Unlimited (certain inner limits apply)


    Legal liabilities:

    Up to £2 million



    £1,000 excess applies


    Alternative accomodation if your home is made unavailable due to an event you're insured for:

    Up to £30,000


    Policy excess:


    Contents cover

    Our contents insurance protects all the things you’d pack up and put in a removal van if you moved home, with cover on a new-for-old basis.

    This means we’ll repair or replace the contents of your home if they are lost or damaged by events including theft, fire and flood. The overall sum insured is unlimited, but there are limits that apply to particular things – see the table below.

    The table below gives a brief overview of what’s covered. For full details, including what’s not covered, download a copy of your policy document and refer to your policy schedule.

    Standard cover includes

    Standard cover includes



    Repair or replacement of items lost or damaged due to:

    Riot, civil commotion, labour and political disturbances
    Escape of water/oil
    Malicious damage or vandalism
    Storm and flood
    Theft or attempted theft
    Subsidence, heave or landslip


    Accidental damage to:

    Fixed glass in furniture
    Glass in shelves
    Ceramic hobs
    TV/video/audio/computer equipment
    Aerials or satellite receiving equipment within or fixed to the home

    Contents sum insured and excess

    Contents sum insured and excess



    Sum insured:



    Valuables limits:

    £10,000 in total
    Single valuable item: £3,000


    Stock and trade samples:

    Up to £500


    Frozed food:

    Up to £500


    Visitor's personal belongings:

    Up to £500 for each visitor


    Money/Debit/Credit card cover:

    Up to £500 for any one event


    Money in the home:

    Up to £500 for any one event


    Policy excess:


  • Additional buildings cover

    You can also take out additional accidental damage cover for your buildings for an extra premium. This can cover you for things like putting a nail through a pipe or putting your foot through the ceiling while doing DIY.

    You may already have this cover. To find out see your policy schedule.

    To take out this cover, call us on 0345 300 0110.

    Additional Contents cover

    You can arrange any of the additional cover for your contents shown in the table below by calling us on 0345 300 0110. You’ll need to pay additional premiums for the cover.

    You may already have additional cover. To find out see your policy schedule.

    The table below gives a summary of what’s covered by additional contents cover. For full details, including what’s not covered, see the policy booklet and your policy schedule.

    Additional Contents cover

    Additional cover


    Additional cover

    Accidental damage cover


    Covers your contents for unexpected and unintended accidental damage.

    Additional cover

    Personal belongings cover


    Covers theft, accidental loss or accidental damage to personal belongings in and away from the home and theft and accidental loss of money away from the home. Limit shown on your schedule.

    Additional cover

    Pedal cycles cover


    Covers pedal cycles away from the home. Limit shown in your schedule.

    Additional cover

    Specified items cover


    Covers items worth more than the valuables limit, both in and away from the home. Limit shown in your schedule.

  • General enquiries

    0345 300 0110 (Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 9am-1pm).

    Home Insurance Claims: 0345 3000 130

    24-hour Emergency Helpline

    0345 300 0170

    Home Solutions Insurance includes use of our 24-hour Emergency Helpline service. Call the Helpline number to arrange for a tradesperson to make emergency repairs to the:

    • Domestic plumbing or drainage system
    • Domestic gas or electricity supply
    • Roofing
    • External locks, doors and windows
    • Fixed heating system

    The cost of the repairs will be your responsibility, but if the damage is covered by your Home Insurance policy, you can make a claim in the normal way.

    Any legal liability, loss or damage to any property or person arising from the provision or delay of the repair service is not covered.

    Service provided by Allianz Assistance.


    For complaints:

    Call the Lloyds Bank Customer Services Department on 0345 300 0110.

    Or write to:
    Customer Care Lloyds Bank Insurance
    Tredegar Park
    South Wales
    NP10 8SB

    We can’t be held responsible for the security of any personal data sent by email.

    Tax Advice Helpline

    0345 300 0180

    Free, confidential advice on personal tax matters from DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited.

    Legal Advice Helpline

    0345 300 0180

    Free, impartial advice on domestic legal issues such as neighbour disputes and consumer rights from DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Limited.

    Remember – you’re covered for up to £50,000 for agreed legal costs to pursue claims for employment disputes, contract disputes, bodily injury and legal and tax protection.

  • If you need to make a claim, here’s what to do.

    1. Inform the police straight away if you’re claiming for something involving theft, riot, a malicious act or vandalism or accidental loss outside your home. Get a crime or lost property number.
    2. Check your policy booklet and policy schedule. These will give you details of what’s covered. You also need to read the detailed claims conditions.
    3. For new claims, call us on 0345 300 0110 as soon as possible, and give us the details of what’s happened. We’ll give you a claims reference number and try to resolve your claim as quickly as we can.
    4. We may need to inspect your damaged property before we approve your claim so:
    • Don't make any repairs without talking to us first - unless they are urgently needed to prevent further damage.
    • Don’t throw away any damaged goods without our consent. We may need to see them. This doesn’t apply to spoiled food – you can throw it away as soon as you’ve made a list of what’s been damaged.

    For claims under the Legal Expenses Cover section of your policy, call us on 0345 300 0180.

    After you’ve made a claim

    Once you’ve told us about your claim, we will:

    • Liaise with appointed suppliers about repairs or replacement items.
    • Contact you at each key stage of your claim to keep you updated on its progress.
    • Request extra information when needed.

    If you need to contact us during your claim, call us on 0345 300 0110. Have your claim reference number ready.

General cover

  • 1.
    What is wear and tear and can if affect my insurance claim?

    Most household insurance companies cover unexpected events, rather than gradual deterioration over time, which is what wear and tear is. Wear and tear includes things like damage because of light, atmosphere, mould, cleaning or restoring, and anything else that damages items slowly over time. So it’s important to make sure your property is maintained regularly to make sure your claim isn’t declined. Find out more about protecting against wear and tear.

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  • 2.
    Are my visitors’ personal effects covered by my insurance?

    £500 per visitor whilst in your home.

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  • 3.
    Will my premium change over time?

    Your premium may increase or decrease when you renew your cover. We’ll let you know about any changes.

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  • 4.
    Am I charged interest on Direct Debit payments?

    No – you can spread your premium over 12 monthly instalments without any interest charges. Remember to keep your monthly payments up to date to remain covered.

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  • 5.
    Do you cover flat felt roofs?

    Your flat felt roof is covered if its damaged by events such as a falling tree, storm or fire. The reason flat roofs create confusion is that they aren't covered for wear and tear. A roof like this has a lifespan of seven to ten years, so it would be best to check it regularly to make sure that it is well maintained to help avoid a claim being declined.

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  • 6.
    If I had to move into temporary accommodation, would my policy look after my dogs?

    Yes. Your policy will help with the cost of alternative accommodation for you, your family and kennels or catteries for pets. Limits apply, so see your policy booklet to find out how much you’re covered for.

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When you're moving home

  • 1.
    I’m moving home. When should I transfer my policy?

    A month to a week before the removal day, call us on 0345 300 0110 so we can transfer your buildings and contents insurance. We’ll need to run through the eligibility questions you answered when you took out your policy. As long as you and your home are still eligible we can simply change the insurance to the new address.

    If you need cover for your old and new address over the same period, we can offer it for up to 60 days at no extra cost. Just remember to mention it to the adviser when you call. Please note your premium may change.

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  • 2.
    What if I don’t need the same cover at my new address?

    If you need different cover we may be able to change your existing policy. If not, we can just cancel your current cover and set up a new policy for you.

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Help and guidance

Insuring your home can sometimes feel overwhelming, so we're here to help make things as simple as possible.

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