Cancel your home insurance

Cancel your policy or find out about other options.

Cancel your policy

Cancel your policy

If you no longer need your policy, you can cancel it online. You will need your policy number and the postcode of the insured property.


Cancel online

Thinking about cancelling?

Tell us why and we may be able to reduce the cost. If that is not enough, you can still cancel your policy online.

You will need your policy number and the postcode of the insured property.

Tell us why

Policy not covering what you need?

We may be able to change your cover, switch you to another product or reduce your premium.

To discuss your options in more details, call us.


Why stay with Lloyds Bank?


Here when you need us most
Make claims easily online or by phone. Our Home Emergency helpline is always open.

Choose your own excess
Select the amount you’ll pay towards most claims - a higher excess could mean you'll pay less for your cover.

No hidden costs
We won't charge an admin fee if you add cover to or remove it from your policy.

Here to get things sorted
Face to face Personal Claims Consultant support for complex claims if we think you need help.

Worried about paying for your policy?

Please get in contact with us, so we can review your policy and decide how we can best support you.

You might also want to consider the following:

  • Requesting a payment holiday
  • Checking with us if there is any part of your cover that you do not need anymore or if you can move to a different level of cover
  • We can check if there are any other ways to reduce the cost of your policy
  • We will not charge you an admin fee for making any changes to your policy.

FAQs & common queries

  • You can cancel your home insurance at any time during the term of your policy. You can do this online or by calling us.

    After renewal, if you change your mind within 14 days, we can cancel your policy back to the start date and give you a full refund of your premium, unless you have made a claim. If you wish to cancel but would like to remain covered until the date you cancel, you will need to pay for the number of days cover you have received.

  • After you cancel, we will send you a letter in the next 14 days. The letter will let you know if there is a refund due or anything left to pay.