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Everyday changes you can make to save on your heating bills.

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Feeling cold at home? Before you up the temperature (and your energy bill) there are some simple things you and your family can do first:

  • Add some layers.
    Extra blankets or a winter duvet can make all the difference. Then there’s the classic: ‘put a jumper on’. If you’re conscious of costs, layers can go a long way.
  • Keep the heat in.
    Draught excluders and insulation strips can stop the cold air getting in, and warm air escaping. Don’t forget to keep the doors shut if you’re trying to stay snug. You could even install an Ecoflap, which is a specially designed letterbox insulator.
  • Use your curtains.
    Get your curtains lined if you haven’t already, so they act as an extra layer of insulation in the winter. And in the summer, throw them open and let in the natural light rather than leave room lights on.
  • Create air movement.
    It might seem counter-intuitive to put a fan in the room if you’re cold. But a fan can help move the warm air into those cold spots. If you’re looking to get a space heater, a fan is a much cheaper option. A 1500W space heater can cost £3.60 to run for 24 hours, whereas a 100W ceiling fan can run for the same amount of time for just 24p. That’s 14 times cheaper.1

1 Source: Energy Use Calculator

Changes you can make to your property

1. Invest in an upgrade

If you don’t already have a thermostat to control your heating, it’s a good idea to get one installed. They regulate your heating temperature and make it possible to connect your heating settings to your smartphone. Apps like Hive mean you can switch your heating on and off when you need to – even when you’re out and about.

2. Maximise your radiators

Have you thought about adding smart radiator valves? These valves attach to your existing radiators individually and also let you control your radiator temperatures from your phone. Or, for a cheap way to maximise on the heat from your radiators, stick reflective foil behind them. This will reflect the heat back into the room. It’s especially effective if your radiators are under windows.

3. Insulate your hot water tank

If your hot water tank is losing heat it means that it will continuously have to warm itself back up. It’s a process that can waste energy and cost you money. You can prevent too much heat loss with a hot water cylinder jacket. It’s a cost-effective way to save energy – and a British Standard jacket costs around £15.

4. Lay a carpet

Heat can escape through the floorboards too. Or let in the cold air from outside. So laying a lovely soft carpet can help. It’ll create a cosy space and keep costs down. For a large room, especially in Victorian properties, you may consider adding a layer of mineral wool insulation between the layers of floorboards.

These are easy ways to you can start saving money, saving heat and making your home more energy efficient.

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