Protection for assistive and medical devices

Cover for equipment giving you help and keeping you healthy

Most of us will depend on equipment to stay healthy, or for help in our daily routine at some point in our lives. It could be glasses, contact lenses or a hearing aid to help with our vision or hearing. We might need crutches, a wheelchair or a stair lift to get around. We might depend on equipment for breathing, such as portable oxygen tanks or a nebuliser. Wearable healthcare technology is a growing trend – in future, more of us will use it to manage our fitness or to monitor a medical condition.

Your health and well-being can depend on a lot of expensive equipment, so it makes sense to check that you are covered in case of theft or damage.

What cover can be provided by Lloyds Bank home insurance contents policies?

Protection is available for a wide range of products that support your health and mobility.

  • While they're inside your home most medical items are protected by your contents insurance, but it’s a good idea to check this with us.
  • A range of items including walking frames and trolleys, wheelchairs and crutches would be protected within this cover.
  • Devices for hearing and sight loss are also covered within your contents insurance. This includes glasses and hearing aids, plus items such as refreshable braille displays.
  • Our Personal Belongings option enables you to protect some of these items outside your home. We also offer cover options for accidental damage.

Motability vehicles or electric mobility scooters typically used for journeys outside the home are not covered.

My home is being modified, what protection can Lloyds Bank home insurance give?

If you are:

  • installing ramps or widening doors
  • putting in a downstairs bathroom or stair lift
  • installing a bath lift, walk-in bath, wet room, or an easy-access shower

we class these as a fixture of the property and so they are covered by your buildings insurance.

It’s a good idea to let your insurer know before you start, so your policy can be updated to keep you covered.

Limits, terms and exclusions apply. See our policy booklet for full details (PDF).pdf opens in new window

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