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There are certain criteria that you need to follow before registering for the Eco Home Reward. Please read our terms and conditions before registering.

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Please enter your mortgage roll number roll numberYour mortgage roll number may be a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. Please only enter the numbers. Depending on your type of mortgage, your roll number will have 11 or 12 numbers and will end with either one or two numbers after the /. If your roll number only has one number at the end, please enter a zero before the final number. For example, if your roll number is 01/23456789-1, you should enter it as follows: 012345678901

You only need to enter the numbers, not any letters or symbols such as - or /

If you're applying on a joint mortgage, then just one name needs to be entered
Terms and conditions can be found in the link at the top of the form
You may choose up to 6 home improvements
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