What to do with your unused car space

When you’re driving less and at home more, here are five ways you could make the most of your unused car space.

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Do you need your car?

Perhaps this last year has had an impact on how much you use your car and how far you need to drive. We’ve all been home more and at the office less. And, if that’s looking more flexible in the future, you may be considering the future of your car.

With car sales plummeting in 2020, we could all be a little less reliant on four wheels. So, could it be that your driveway or garage has a new lease of life ahead of it?

If you’ve been looking at your garage and considering it would be better as your home office space, read on. There’s a multitude of ways you can make the most of your unused car space. Here are five ways to reclaim space from your car.

1. Create a new front garden

A new front garden could give your home more kerb appeal and be a relaxing space to enjoy in the warmer months. You could turn your unused driveway into anything from a small paved area with a few plant pots to a large garden complete with play area for the kids.

If you’ve got a big vision, call in the help of a qualified landscape gardener to help with the design and build. Once your plans are in place, all that’s left is to pull up the drive and start the transformation.

It’s worth bearing in mind that if your building is listed or you live in a conservation area, you may need planning permission for changes to the front of your home. Read our article on planning permission before you get started.

2. Space for guests and garden parties

If you love to entertain, perhaps your new space could be paved and designed to host barbecues and garden parties. Paving a drive can be a simpler option than turning it into a garden. You could recycle the driveway or even pave over the top of it to save money.

Then, all you need is some garden furniture, a few plant pots and a new fence. Let your creativity flow and you could turn your unused drive into a dining haven with just a few items.

3. Turn your garage into a workshop

If you no longer need the garage for your car, you could transform it into a dedicated place to get crafty. Throughout 2020 many people turned their garages into home breweries, woodworking workshops, print studios – the list is endless.

Check out the best space-saving shelving solutions to help you maximise on the space available. You could even think about adding fixtures and fittings, and there are different doors you could replace your garage door with to make it easier to get in and out of your new workshop.

Don’t forget to include a suitable fire exit and keep a fire extinguisher handy to keep your workshop safe, especially if you’re working with fire or heat.

4. Make a games room

Your garage could be your new den. Kit it out with your favourite games. Second-hand websites are great resources for picking up things like pool tables, dart boards and juke boxes. Then add a carpet, a sofa and a few homely touches to make it a comfy place to spend time in.

You might even consider a home bar – and then suddenly your old garage is a cosy place you can meet up with friends and family.

5. Add an extra room to your home

You could even go the whole way and turn your garage into another room – perhaps another bedroom or a home office now that your commute has taken a backseat. Whether your garage is attached or detached from the main building, it counts as part of the floorplan. Usually, you can convert a garage into another room without the need for planning permission (but it’s always worth checking with your Local Authority first).

If you have cinder block walls, you might consider rebuilding with plaster and bricks to better keep the heat in – and make it more comfortable in the colder months. And concrete floors will be cosier with floorboards laid over the top and a nice carpet. Then it’s time for the fun part – decorating.

Converting your unused car space can be a much cheaper and faster way of making the most of your home if you don’t want to move house.

If you’re considering changing or updating your home, we’ve got even more home improvement ideas.

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