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Want more control over your debit card?

You can now freeze transactions for extra peace of mind

New functionality in our Mobile Banking app now lets you decide how your debit card is used. You can enjoy greater confidence and peace of mind by freezing and unfreezing certain transactions in the app.

Also a handy feature for those times when you temporarily misplace your debit card, but you know it’s not lost or stolen. You can quickly and securely freeze it while you find it.

You can control how your Visa debit card is used

With a quick toggle on and off, you can quickly and securely restrict these transaction types:

Freeze at tills and terminals – stops transactions when your card is present at the place of purchase. It does not freeze ATM usage in the UK and some contactless purchases. See FAQs for full restrictions.

Freeze online and remote – stops internet, in-app, telephone, mail order purchases and some recurring payments. See FAQs for full restrictions.

Freeze abroad – stops transactions in ATMs and in places like shops, restaurants and bars, outside of the UK. It does not freeze some non-UK contactless purchases. See FAQs for full restrictions.

It's just one of the many ways banking on your mobile can help keep your money safe.

Download our Mobile Banking app to use these new features.

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How to freeze and unfreeze

Step 1

Step 1

In the Mobile Banking app Main Menu or Account Menu, choose 'Card Management'

Step 2

Step 2

Choose 'freeze card transactions'

Step 3

Step 3

Choose any or all of the following three options: 'freeze at tills and terminals', 'freeze online and remote', 'freeze abroad'.

Step 4

Step 4

Your chosen freezes are now in place. You can return to the Main Menu to continue Mobile Banking or log out. When you’re ready to unfreeze these transaction types again, simply log in to our Mobile Banking app and update them.

Some important details to bear in mind:

  • You can freeze and unfreeze three types of debit card transaction.
  • Once you’ve frozen a type of transaction, you won’t be able to make this sort of payment again until you log back in and unfreeze it.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, you need to report it to us immediately. You can do this through our Mobile Banking app or internet banking by choosing Lost or Stolen cards from the Card Management menu. You can also visit a branch or call Phone Banking. Find out more about lost and stolen cards.

What are Card Freezes and when should I use them?

Card Freezes enable you to control when, and how your debit card is used. There are many reasons why you may want to use them, but the most likely include:

1. You’ve temporarily misplaced your debit card but believe it not to be lost or stolen. Applying Card Freezes protects you while you look for your debit card. It also means you won’t have to cancel it, so you won’t have to be without it for a while.

2. You want to stop unauthorised use of your debit card(s) on the internet, abroad or at tills or terminals in places like shops, restaurants and bars.

What’s the difference between Card Freezes and reporting my card lost or stolen?

If you don’t have your card, you should only use Card Freezes when you believe you have misplaced it temporarily. If you know your card is lost or stolen, or you haven’t been able to find it after 24 hours, you must inform us immediately – you can do this from within the app. We will cancel the card and order a replacement.

How does ‘freeze at tills and terminals’ work and what does it exclude?

Freeze at tills and terminals stops till, terminal and other transactions where your debit card is present at the place of purchase, anywhere in the world. It will still work in UK ATMs and in instances where merchants do not seek our authorisation before taking payment – typically for smaller contactless transactions.

How does ‘freeze online and remote’ work and what does it exclude?

Freeze online and remote stops transactions where your debit card is not physically present at the time of purchase. This includes internet, in-app, telephone and mail order transactions. This freeze does not apply to Direct Debit payments. Recurring payments like subscriptions are also excluded, providing the merchant has identified these as recurring payments. In cases where the merchant does not correctly identify these, some recurring card payments may be stopped.

Please note: if you order something online with your debit card, and then turn on 'freeze online and remote' before the transaction is finalised and/or delivered (like groceries) the transaction may not go through.

How does ‘freeze abroad’ work and what does it exclude?

Freeze abroad stops your card being used in physical terminals and ATMs outside of the UK. This excludes instances where some merchants may choose not to request our authorisation before taking a payment – typically for smaller contactless purchases.

I’ve seen a transaction on my statement that happened while I had Card Freezes on. Why?

Card Freezes are unable to stop some types of transactions (please refer to other FAQs for details). We are additionally reliant on merchants categorising transactions correctly. In the rare case that this doesn’t happen we can’t always stop the transaction through Card Freezes. If you can’t work out why the transaction was made, there may be a cause unrelated to Card Freezes. In this case, please contact us.

Why was an online purchase I made, when I didn’t have Card Freezes turned on, blocked afterwards?

If you order something online with your debit card, and then turn on 'freeze online and remote' before the transaction is finalised and/or delivered (like your weekly online grocery shop) the transaction may not go through.

Why do Card Freezes only freeze ‘some contactless payments’?

Merchants do not always ask us to authorise payments prior to processing a transaction. Typically these relate to smaller contactless purchases. In these instances we’re unable to stop those transactions from being processed.

Do Card Freezes remain in place when I receive a new debit card?

All settings will be copied over to replacement cards unless your original card is reported as lost or stolen. In this case you will need to reapply those settings manually for your replacement card.

Why can I see two versions of my debit card in the Card Freezes carousel?

In instances where your debit card is reaching its expiry date or is in the process of being replaced (due to damage etc.) we will show both the original and replacement cards for a period of time (even if you haven't received the physical replacement card yet). Once the original card expires or stops working, it will no longer be displayed.

Why can’t I see credit or cash cards in Card Freezes?

Currently, Card Freezes only work with debit cards.

Will I be notified when a transaction is attempted while Card Freezes are on?

Yes. If we stop a transaction because you have Card Freezes turned on, we will send an SMS to the UK mobile number we hold on record for you. The message will detail the amount, time and location of the transaction. If it wasn’t you making that transaction you should report your card as lost or stolen. If it was you, and you want to make the transaction again, you will need to go into the Card Freezes section within the app, turn off the relevant Freeze and then re-attempt the transaction.

Can I access Card Freezes outside of the Mobile Banking app?

Currently the ability to use Card Freezes is only supported on our Mobile Banking app.

What should I do if I need to remove Card Freezes but I don’t have my phone/app with me?

If you urgently need to turn off Card Freezes when you can’t access the Mobile Banking app, you can ask a member of staff in-branch (or on the phone) to help.

How do Card Freezes work if you have a Joint Account?

Card Freezes can only be applied to debit cards, not accounts. As each joint account holder has their own debit card, the Card Freezes you apply to your card do not affect the other account holder’s debit card.

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