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Getting started

For some the stock market's a scary place, for others it's like a second home. Whichever camp you fall into, our getting started hub can help you buy and sell shares easily.

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New to share dealing?

If you’re new to share dealing you might have some questions, here are a couple we get asked a lot.

Need help registering?

We can help get your account up and running. Our registration guide helps with:

  • Entering your temporary password
  • Understanding what additional documents are required
  • How to use the website after you've logged in.

Registration guide

Setting up an account

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Managing your account

We explain how you can manage your share dealing account in our 3 minute video. It’s a quick guide to checking your valuation, transferring money or trading.

If our video doesn't cover what you are looking for have a look at our help pages. If your question is a little more specific, or alternatively you can always speak to us.

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Research, tools and services

Make the most of your investment decisions with our tools and services. Learn about how you can benefit from TradePlans and use our research centre to stay on top of industry news.

Tools and services