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Understanding the basics

Whether it's hoping to stay on top of your bills, pay off your debts sooner or save for a dream holiday, taking time to understand the basics of financial planning can really pay off. We've brought together a list of helpful guides, articles and tools to help you master your money.


Learn how to get into the habit of saving and how to make the most of the money you're putting away.

Our guides

Understanding savings

Plan your savings

ISAs explained

Top savings tips

Saving or Investing

How safe are my savings?

Start using Save the Change


From The Money Advice Service

Set a savings goal


Find out how to stay in control of your borrowing and get back on track when things go wrong.

Our guides

Choosing the right way to borrow

When are loans helpful?

How to manage your mortgage


From The Money Advice Service

How to review your credit report

If you're overwhelmed with your debts

Could you benefit from financial advice?

Interested in a personal review of your finances?

We offer a free service for new and existing customers, aimed at helping you get the best value for money with us. With a Personal Financial Review, you'll meet a Personal Account Manager at your local branch who will review your Lloyds Bank accounts in advance and talk to you about how you might be able to get a better deal. The review takes about 45 minutes, is completely free, and we might even save you some money.

Find out how to book a financial review

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Financial Planning Tools

Whether you're creating a budget of finding out how much you can afford for a new house, our tools and calculators could help you plan your next step.