Help with products

Find help and support for Lloyds Bank products, including mortgages, loans, bank accounts and credit cards

Help with current accounts

Already got a current account with us? You can find help here. Plus, you can compare our range of current accounts to make sure you’ve got the one that’s right for you.

Help for existing current account customers

Upgrade your account

Current account services

Compare current accounts

Find out more about Current Account Services

What is a contactless debit card?

Help with savings

If you’ve got savings with Lloyds Bank, or you want to start putting money away, we can give you the information you need.

Help for existing savings customers

Rates and charges

Compare savings accounts

How safe are my savings

Find out more about Junior Cash ISAs

Junior Cash ISA

Savings account selector

Video guides

Watch the video for advice on your savings

Help with mortgages

Whether you’re buying your first home, want to understand your repayment options or you’ve got a query about your mortgage statement, you can find help here.

Help for existing mortgage customers

Additional borrowing

Mortgage rate tables explained

My first home tracker

Mortgage repayment options

When will I get my mortgage statement?

More mortgage queries

See our mortgages

Help with credit cards

Get help with your Lloyds Bank credit card queries and understand what types of credit cards are available.

Help for existing credit card customers

Manage your credit card online

Interest rates and charges

Choosing the right credit card

Disputing a credit card payment

How do I apply for a credit card?

More credit card queries

Compare Lloyds Bank credit cards

Help with loans

Help with insurance

Here you can find out more information including how to make a claim, how to access your policy documents and the insurance products available from Lloyds Bank.

Help for existing insurance customers

Useful phone numbers

View your home insurance policy documents

View your car insurance policy documents

How do I make a claim?

If you need to make a claim on your insurance policy, we have dedicated teams ready to help you.

You can make a claim for:

Help with travel

Make your trip run more smoothly – make the most of Lloyds Bank’s range of travel services.

Commission-free travel money

Sending money abroad

Getting help abroad

How do I make the most of my Visa Debit Card abroad?

Using your card abroad

See our travel advice

Help with overdrafts

Overdrafts can be useful, provided you manage them properly. Find tips and guidance on how our overdrafts work.

Overdrafts explained

Increasing your overdraft limit

Avoiding overdraft charges

How can I get an overdraft?

Find out how to get an overdraft

More overdraft queries

Lloyds Bank overdrafts

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