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Lloyds Bank current account required. Anyone over 16 can apply for PhoneBank®. All credit is subject to status. Applicants for credit must be aged 18 or over.

Remember, for security reasons please keep your password secret at all times. Don't write it down in any way that can be recognised, and never disclose your full password to anyone. To ensure security for our customers and staff, and to help maintain service quality, some calls may be recorded and may be monitored.

To avoid telephone calls to us being intercepted or overheard, we advise against the use of analogue mobile or cordless phones when contacting PhoneBank®. Calls to PhoneBank® will be charged at the service providers published rates for 0345 calls, which apply to the location you are calling from.

Any transfer of funds made via PhoneBank® will be subject to the notice requirements, if any, of the accounts concerned. There may be limits on the amount of money you can transfer, pay bills or set up standing orders. If you have any questions please ask a PhoneBank® member of staff.

Click here for information about PhoneBank®.