Change your monthly payment date

If you'd prefer to make your monthly mortgage payment on a different day, it's easy to make a change.

As it’s likely to be your biggest monthly expense, it’s handy to know that you can ask us to make your mortgage payments on a date that suits you best.

However, you should note that your monthly payment amount could go up or down if you change the payment date. If we work out your interest daily, it’s usually best to make your payments on the 1st of each month as you’ll pay less interest. 

You can choose to make your monthly payment on any date, up to and including the 28th of each month.

How do I change my payment date?

Call us on 0345 603 1637 and one of our advisers will set up your new payment date. We’ll update your mortgage details and change the date that we collect your Direct Debit. 

Depending on when you ask us to change your date, we may not be able to make the change until the following month.

It’s important to remember that in some cases changing your payment date could result in you needing to make 2 mortgage payments in a short space of time.