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Your Choice Rewards hub

From shopping vouchers and cashback to gift cards and travel, you can choose your own rewards with Choice points. Give yourself regular treats or save up for something larger: it's entirely up to you.

Choice points explained

What are Choice points?

Choice points are a way of rewarding you for using your Choice Rewards credit card account. Every time you spend on your credit card, you collect Choice points, which can be redeemed for a range of goods and services.

What rewards can I get with my Choice points?

You can choose from any of these great products and services:

  • vouchers and gift cards from your favourite high street and online retailers
  • cashback that gets credited straight back to your account
  • magazine subscriptions and sweet treats
  • convert your Choice points to Avios if you’re a frequent flyer

Avios is the travel rewards programme that rewards you with flights, hotel stays and days out. Find the complete list of Avios rewards at

What can I spend on to get Choice points?

Most things you can spend on your credit card will enable you to collect Choice points. However, you will not collect Choice points for: cash withdrawals, interest, fees or charges, transactions at casinos, betting outlets or bookmakers, payments to offline or online current accounts, savings, share-trading, spread-betting, gambling, any other similar account, or fraudulent transactions.

Choice points calculator

See just how many Choice points you can collect by using our Choice points calculator.

Choice points calculator

Collecting Choice points

Your Choice Rewards credit card account comes with two cards, a Choice Rewards American Express® card and a Choice Rewards Mastercard®, so you can earn Choice points every time you shop. For every £5 spend you collect:

  • 50 Choice points on your Choice Rewards American Express card. Points are earned in £1 increments.
  • 10 Choice points on your Choice Rewards Mastercard. Points are earned in £5 increments.

Double Choice points

Collect double Choice points for the first 6 months from account opening when using your Choice Rewards American Express card, up to a maximum of £2,500 of eligible spend per month.

Collecting Choice points on balance transfers

If you transfer your balance from another credit card to your Choice Rewards account, you’ll get 10 Choice points for each full £5 that is transferred. You’ll need to transfer a minimum of £100, and a 3% balance transfer fee applies.

Collect Choice points faster with a second cardholder

If you are the cardholder, you can request an additional card for a family member or someone else over 18 years old. Keep in mind that the original cardholder remains responsible for all spending on the account made by the additional cardholder.

Requesting an additional card for a new cardholder is simple:

Redeeming Choice points

Turn your Choice points into rewards

  1. Log on/register
    If you have an Internet Banking account, simply log on. If you do not have an Internet Banking account, you can quickly and easily register for one.
  2. Visit the Choice Rewards website
    Once logged on, you’ll see your Choice Rewards credit card account listed in your account summary. Simply select your credit card account name, and then ‘Your Choice’. You’ll be taken to our dedicated redemption site.
  3. Browse rewards
    Once on the website, you can browse all rewards, or filter them by category or points value.
  4. Choose your reward
    Once you’ve found something you like, add it to your shopping basket. Once ordered, we’ll update you on how many points were spent, and how many you have left. You’ll receive all this, as well as delivery details and your order number, in a confirmation email.

Make the most of your rewards

To give you an idea of how many Choice points you could collect over a typical year when using your Choice Rewards American Express card, we’ve put together the following handy example:


Typical monthly spend

Choice points




High Street









Total per month



Total per year



Now compare that to a few examples of what rewards Choice points can get you:


Choice points

£10 shopping voucher


£10 cashback


£20 high street voucher


£50 iTunes gift card


As you can see, even typical everyday spending can bring you great rewards. You can see for yourself exactly how many Choice points you could collect with our handy calculator.

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