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Credit Card Eligibility Checker

It's easy to check if you're eligible for Lloyds credit card without leaving a trace on your credit record

  • Answer some straightforward questions.
  • We won't harm your credit score.
  • We'll tell you how likely you are to be accepted.

A high score doesn't guarantee you'll be accepted, and the rate and any promotional term that you could receive will depend on your individual circumstances. Your score is only valid at this time and if your circumstances change your likelihood of acceptance may be affected.

Checking your eligibility takes about 5 minutes

Personal Information

Full first name tooltipWhat do we mean by this?

Please put your first name exactly as it appears on any official documents (e.g. driving licence or passport). This will increase the likelihood of a successful application.

Where you live

Find AddressEnter the address yourself
Change Address
Or use our address picker
years months

Income and employment

Check what to include in Your total annual income (before tax)Check what to include

Include :

  • Your annual salary before taxes are deducted, including any company dividends
  • Child or spousal maintenance payments
  • Rental income from any properties you own
  • Regular pensions, savings and investment income
  • If you are in employment you may only include your share of Universal Credit, Employment & Support Allowance, Income Support, Reduced Earnings Allowance, Working Tax Credit & Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.
  • Any other regular income you get.

Exclude :

  • Any other benefits excluding those listed in the "include" section above
  • Work bonuses and net profits from your business
  • Student loans, grants and bursaries.

Spending and expenses

How many people living with you depend on you financially TooltipCheck what to include

Excluding yourself, please enter the number of people in your home that you support, fully or partially, with your income.

Monthly share of mortgage/rent payments tooltipCheck what to include

Include your share of :

  • All mortgage and rent payments you make on any property in the UK and abroad – only enter the amount you personally contribute
  • Money you pay to live in someone else’s property (e.g. a landlord, letting agent, parent or friend).

Exclude :

  • Ground rent or service charge if it’s paid by your landlord.
  • Any bills included in your rent.
Monthly Cost TooltipCheck what to include

Include your share of :

  • Regular childcare payments
  • Student loan repayments – that aren’t taken from your pay
  • School, college or university tuition fees.
  • Child/spousal maintenance.

Exclude :

  • Occasional childcare costs, such as babysitting
  • Other childcare expenditure (e.g. swimming lessons, food, clothes)
  • Student loan repayments – that are taken from your pay.

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