Help with your credit card payments

Restarting your monthly payments

If you cancelled your Direct Debit, we can help to make sure you’re ready to restart your monthly payments.

Good to know

Paying more than the minimum every month can make a big difference. You’ll pay off your balance quicker and save on interest. It could also improve your credit score.

Ways to pay

There are lots of ways to pay: whether you want to make overpayments, pay part of the balance or all of it.

How to find more help and support

Apply for a plan or a hold that works for you

We can now give you even more help online to meet your needs – whether you’re behind with payments and want a plan or simply need a hold and some time to get advice.

If you’d like to find out more, just log on to Internet Banking or use our app, then select ‘Need help with your debt or payments?’ on the account menu.

We’ll ask you a few quick questions first and then we’ll see if we can:

  • come up with a plan to help you pay off the amount you’re behind by
  • give you a hold and the time and space to get some free independent help and advice
  • set up a temporary plan to lower or stop your payments for a while – this isn’t a payment holiday.

Think about the impact

All our options are different, as they're designed around you. But they may have an impact on you too.

Before you apply, do make sure that you:

  • understand what your account will look like when a plan or hold ends - as not all of them will bring your account up to date
  • know how it might affect interest and your credit score
  • realise that you can’t apply for a payment holiday from here

So please read it carefully.

Or you could fill out a budget and call us

So we can get a better feel for your finances, you could fill out an online budget with us.

  • When you've done this, we'll give you a unique reference number and ask you to call us
  • We'll use this number to talk through your options with you when you call

If you want help with this budget or would prefer to talk to us, please call the number on the next page.

Extra support and FAQs

Your peace of mind is our top priority, so we've put together a list of questions we're asked most often.

Coronavirus FAQs

There is also lots of expert advice out there. Find out more on the money worries page of our website.

Free independent help and advice