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Added Value Accounts

A current account that offers a package of additional benefits for a monthly maintaining the account fee.


Features and benefits

  • AXA Travel Insurance

    Our Platinum Account offers Worldwide Travel Insurance up to 80 years of age, cover for you and your family (if eligible).

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  • AA Breakdown Cover

    UK Roadside Assistance whether you’re in your own vehicle or someone else’s.

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  • Mobile Phone Insurance

    Arranged by Lifestyle Services Group Limited, and provides worldwide cover for loss, theft, damage and breakdown (including faults).

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  • Card Loss Assistance

    Help for when your credit, debit and store cards get lost or stolen. You can register the cards of your family if they live with you.

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Keep in mind

  • Monthly maintaining the account fee

    The Platinum Account has a monthly maintaining the account fee of £19.

Added Value Accounts explained

What is an Added Value Account?

We aim to take the hassle out of finding travel insurance, breakdown cover, mobile phone protection, and other great benefits by giving you the option to add these features to your current account. With different levels of benefits, you can choose the Added Value Account that’s right for you. If you’re an existing Added Value Account holder, you can also upgrade to a Club Lloyds current account without losing your Added Value benefits.

Upgrade to an Added Value Account

If you’re a Classic or Club Lloyds current account holder you can apply online to upgrade to an Added Value Account. If you're an existing Added Value Account customer you can upgrade your Added Value Account online. Why shop around for travel insurance, breakdown cover and other useful benefits when you can get them all included with your current account?

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Personal review

Come into your local branch for a review to help manage and get the most out of your money.

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Platinum Account

Arranged Overdraft

  • Setting up an Arranged Overdraft is free.
  • You'll only pay a daily arranged overdraft fee if you use it.
  • You can apply for an Arranged Overdraft, where up to the first £300 is fee-free.
  • All overdrafts are subject to our assessment of your circumstances and are repayable on demand.

Representative example:
If you use an Arranged Overdraft of £1,200 on your Club Lloyds Platinum Account, then we’ll charge you a daily arranged overdraft fee of £1.50. For Club Lloyds Platinum accounts, the daily arranged overdraft fee on the first £300 is 0p.

  • £19 monthly maintaining the account fee

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Debit card

Services that come with Added Value Accounts

Debit card

You can withdraw up to £500 a day from a Lloyds Bank Cashpoint or other cash machines. You can use your Visa debit card in over 500,000 locations in the UK and 27 million worldwide.

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Banking your way

Banking your way

Quick, easy ways other than in branch to manage your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online or on the phone with Internet Banking, PhoneBank® and Mobile Banking.

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Everyday offers

Everyday Offers

Get up to 15% cashback using Everyday Offers at the type of places you regularly shop. It’s available to UK personal current account customers over 18, who bank online. Retailer offers and cashback amounts may vary.

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Text Alerts

Mobile Alerts

Our mobile alerts service offers a simple way to stay on top of your finances without even having to think about it. So if we have a mobile number for you, we’ll help you keep an eye on your balance.

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Save The Change

Save the Change®

Save the Change® makes saving easy. When you buy something with your Lloyds Bank debit card (and your account is in credit), we’ll round up the amount to the nearest pound and transfer the difference into an eligible Lloyds Bank savings account.

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Money Manager

Money Manager

Keep track of your spending and see at a glance where your money goes with our free Internet Banking service.

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Joint account

Joint account

Add a second person to your account. It’s a convenient way to share outgoings such as household bills, shopping and mortgage/rent payments or budget for holidays and special purchases.

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Added Value Accounts no longer on sale

Select Account

  • £10.95 a month fee

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Silver Account

Our Added Value Accounts

Silver Account

  • £11.95 a month fee

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Gold Account

Gold Account

  • £14.95 a month fee

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Premier account

Premier Account

  • £27 a month fee

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See available accounts

With so much choice, take a look at our other current accounts to see which account suits you best.

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Useful phone numbers

These lines are available 24/7.

Not all Telephone Banking services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please speak to an adviser for more information.