Accidental damage insurance can cover you for those sudden mishaps.

There needs to be a one off, out of the blue, single event that caused the damage to your home, or what’s inside. For example, spilling juice on the carpet or a window smashed by a ball.

It doesn’t include damage that’s due to a lack of upkeep or that happens slowly over time. For example, if your roof leaks because it hasn’t been looked after. 

Check your cover to see if Accidental damage is included, as you may need to pay a little more to add it on.

What is accidental damage?

Accidental damage is physical damage that happens out of the blue and is not done on purpose. There needs to be a one-off, single event that causes the damage. This could be:

With Home Insurance Select, Accidental damage cover is included only with Silver and Gold cover and comes as standard.

What does Accidental damage cover?

Accidental damage can cover the cost of repair to damage that was sudden and not done on purpose. There needs to be a one off, single event that caused the damage to your home or belongings.

Common claims

Accidents are common. But when children or pets are involved, you might find they happen more often. Some of the most common causes of claims for accidental damage are likely to include:

  • DIY. When you're performing DIY, things can go wrong. Don’t forget the dust sheets!
  • Pets. You won’t usually be covered for damage made by pets, so it’s best to keep your favourite shoes out of sight.

Limits, terms and exclusions apply to all home insurance policies. Check out your policy documents to see if you’d be covered and for more information.

What doesn't Accidental damage cover?

Our Accidental damage cover does not include damage caused by: 

  • Pets.
  • Water entering your home.
  • Your home moving, settling or shrinking.
  • A paid maintenance worker or builder.

We also won’t pay claims when:

  • Your home is left empty for more than either 60 or 30 days. (Check your policy schedule to show which applies to you).
  • Your home has tenants or paying guests.

For more information about what is and isn’t covered, check out our policy booklet.

Limits, terms and exclusions apply.

Does Accidental damage cover mobile phones?

Yes, you’ll be covered if you break your phone while you’re at home. For example, if you drop it on the kitchen floor and the screen breaks.

Accidental damage cover won’t protect against damage that happens outside. You will need extra cover for damage that happens while you’re out and about.

Limits, terms and exclusion apply to all levels of cover. 

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