Bank of England Base Rate - useful information

Following the 0.75% rise in the Bank of England base rate we have reviewed our current mortgage rates. We will be making the following changes with effect from 1st December 2022:

  • Lloyds Bank Homeowner Variable Rate currently at 5.74% will increase by 0.75% to 6.49%.
  • Lloyds Standard Variable Rate currently at 4.25% will increase by 0.75% to 5.00%.
  • Lloyds Buy to let Variable Rate currently at 6.59% will increase by 0.75% to 7.34%.

If your mortgage is affected by the rate change, we'll give notice and write to you to let you know your new monthly payment before it is due.

Use our Rate Change Calculator to get an idea of how much a monthly mortgage payment might change by, following a Bank of England Base Rate change.


Rate change calculator

Important legal information

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