We’ve shown some graphs at the bottom of our homepage on APP fraud.

We publish our APP fraud data information in line with the requirements issued by the PSR (Payment Systems Regulator). Information shown is for the year 2022.

What is an authorised push payment?

Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud is a transfer of funds across Faster Payments, CHAPS or an internal transfer, authorised by a customer where:

  • The customer intended to transfer funds to another person, but was instead deceived into transferring the funds to a different person; or
  • The customer transferred funds to another person for what they believed were legitimate purposes, but which were in fact fraudulent.

What do the APP rankings show?

The graphs show the information provided to the PSR by all the major banking groups across the UK.

You’ll notice that some brands are grouped together. Lloyds Bank is part of the same group, which also includes Bank of Scotland and Halifax, so the information shown is a combination of these three brands.

The full report is available at psr.org.uk/app-fraud-data (link opens in a new window).

What is the PSR?

PSR is an abbreviation of the name: Payment Systems Regulator. It is the UK economic regulator of payment systems operated by UK banks, building societies and payments firms.

Whenever you use a cash machine, pay contactless, get paid or transfer money, funds are moved using a payment system.


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