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Banking with us is even better with the app

Everyday banking on the go where you can:

  • Use the app whenever you want
  • Change your address
  • View pending transactions
  • Pay people
  • Log on securely using fingerprint or Face ID with a compatible device.

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We’ll make sure it’s you

Quickly and securely verify it’s you when shopping online and logging on to Internet Banking.

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With a simple tap or click on your transactions you can see their location on a map.

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Freeze card

Using the app you can freeze and restrict how your debit card is used, if you’ve misplaced it.

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What makes our app so secure?

Our Mobile Banking app has extra security technology built in. It keeps your details safe and private and means there are fewer ways for things to go wrong:

  • Express logon - Log on securely and quickly with your fingerprint on compatible iPhone and Android devices, and with Face ID from iPhone X. If you prefer, you can also log on with just 3 characters from your memorable information.
  • Time-out - Set how long the app waits before logging off for security, so you can flip between apps when you need to.
  • Encryption - The app keeps your banking and personal details safe on your phone, at the bank and everywhere in between.

More about our app security

What you’ll need to start

  • Device running a recent version of iOS or Anrdoid
  • Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data on your phone
  • Apple App Store or Google Play account
  • Internet Banking User ID and password
  • Up-to-date phone number registered with us

More about how you can add or update your phone number

How to register

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Install the app

Download the latest version for your device from your local Google Play or Apple App Store.

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Enter your details

Open the app and enter your Internet Banking logon details when asked.

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Confirm security code

Select a number for us to call you on. We'll give you a 4-digit security code. Tap it in and you'll be good to go.

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If you still have some questions about our apps, security or anything else take a look at our FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

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