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If you have dementia, we'll help you to be in control of your own money and stay independent for as long as possible.

We will support you and your carers to do your everyday banking. And we will take care to protect you as much as we can from fraud or financial abuse.

We train our colleagues to recognise signs of dementia, so that we can give the best help to our customers or their carer - in branch or on the phone.

Practical ways we can help:

  • Easy Read bank statements: These use pictures and simple words to help make the meaning plain. We can send you current and savings account statements in this format.
  • Chip and signature cards: These are useful if you don't always remember a PIN. Please call us or visit your nearest branch to ask for one.
  • Longer appointments: We'll take the time and care to explain things and make sure you understand.
  • Quiet areas: Here you can do your banking or talk to us without noise and distraction.
  • Follow-up meetings: We'll be happy to see you again, just to check you have everything you need.

Other help we can offer

These services can help with most types of dementia. We have other services and aids that may be useful. If you are unsure of something or need any additional help, please tell us. We'll listen and help as best we can.

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Our promise

If you want to complain you can either go to your nearest branch or call us 0800 072 3572 or +44 1733 462 267 from outside the UK. Calls may be monitored or recorded.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can also contact us by Next Generation Text (NGT) or Textphone.

How to complain